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Beppy Soft + Comfort Tampons EXTRA SOFT (8 stuks)

18,45 incl. BTW

Do you want to feel a little more free during your period? Then order your BEPPY Extra Soft tampon here! Suitable for a day at the sauna, during swimming, sports and during sex.

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Unlike traditional tampons, Beppy Extra Soft tampons are the most innovative tampons that allow women to experience more freedom during their menstrual period. Not only does this tampon have no string. It also makes you feel safe and confident. Thanks to the soft and flexible material, the Beppy tampon adapts completely to your body, so that you enjoy maximum comfort and reduce the risk of leakage.

Beppy Soft + Comfort tampon is a perfect alternative to regular tampons, but has also been developed for various other occasions. For example, with the Beppy tampon you can have sex during your period, it is invisible so that your partner does not notice that you are menstruating. Furthermore, Beppy tampons do not have a string, this provides more freedom during swimming, a visit to the sauna, sports, a night out or for sex during your period.

  • With Beppy you are much freer during your period. You can simply exercise, swim, go to the sauna or have sex, without you, your partner or those around you noticing your period
  • Beppy has no annoying string
  • Beppy is soft and very comfortable, molds to your body
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Hygienic and skin-friendly material

According to the EU labeling regulation for disposable plastics, the labeling of tampons, like 99% of all conventional tampons, sanitary towels, wet wipes, etc. is mandatory from 3 July 2021. Tampons and many other disposable items are not always disposed of correctly, causing a lot of pollution. This red/blue label makes people aware and informed. Currently the images are already adapted to the new regulations, in the future we will provide the version with the new labeling.

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